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Welcome to Tropical Paradise in Bali

This charming Balangan bungalow is nestled in a lush garden, just a few minutes walk from the stunning Balangan Beach. You will feel the natural beauty and tranquility of this place as soon as you enter the bamboo and wicker bungalows.

Whether you want to enjoy the sun by the pool, pamper yourself at the spa, or explore the nearby attractions, Flower Bud Balangan Balangan is a perfect retreat both for couples and families.

Flowerbuds Bungalow 2

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Flowerbud Bungalow 1

Flower Bud I

Couple getaway

Experience romance and nature in our bungalows, where you can enjoy the privacy and charm of your own cozy space.

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Flowerbuds Bungalow 2

Flower Bud II

Best for Family

Bring your loved ones to our spacious and cozy bungalows, just a short walk to Balangan Beach.

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